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Value Added Services

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Transit Insurance

Making a move may involve unseen risk such risks, we offer comprehensive insurance service to ensure the safety of the consignment during transit

Cash On Delivery Serviec

Cash on Delivery (COD)

On LTL COD Facilities we rolled the payment for the clients materials at the time of delivery 

Delivery Man

Door to Door Express Delivery

We understand how important that final connection between you and your customers is, and we’ll help you Develop a door-to-door express delivery strategy that ensures a professional and cost-effective delivery to your customers’ homes and businesses.

Image by Avinash Kumar

Freight on Delivery (FoD)

On FOD Facilities - We collect the Freight payment at the time of delivery

House at the mountain lake

ODA Cargo Service

We provide complete ODA cargo services solution for your remote destinations.

Image by Chanhee Lee

To Be Billed (TBB) Facility

On TBB Facilities- We offer Credit belling for contractual Customer accounts.

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