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Over Dimension Consignment

Over Dimension Consignment

Over Dimension Consignment (ODC) service is a specialized transportation service that helps in the delivery of over-dimensional cargos.

ODC is most useful when a shipment is too large, too heavy, or have unique shapes or sizes that make it difficult to ship using traditional methods.

ODC typically involves a combination of trucks, trailers, and cranes that are specially certified for carrying over-dimensional cargos. ODC carriers typically use custom equipment to ensure the shipment arrives safely and undamaged.

In addition, ODC carriers provide onsite assistance, paperwork preparation, and monitoring of all the relevant factors that could affect the delivery. They also provide guidance on the best routes, plan the journey, and assist with loading, strapping, and lashing.

Reliable India Movers has expertise to transport over dimensional consignment across India. Our team is skilled in moving over dimensional consignments, which are non-standard and hard to move. You can rely on us to transport your over dimensional consignment safely and efficiently. We have a fleet of trucks with experienced drivers to carry out this task for you.

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